Looking for a new position? Middle Tennessee’s most successful companies look to the experienced recruiters with Refined Recruiting for their specialized hiring needs. With an excellent track record of matching candidates with a company’s specific job requirements the process of getting hired has now been refined. If you have a solid work history and want to advance in your career we can help!

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"I could not be any more satisfied by my experience with Refined Recruiting. They are extremely professional, friendly, caring and genuine people who were an absolute pleasure to communicate with throughout the interview and hiring process.
I am grateful that I had them networking on my behalf and for connecting me with a career that is not only full of potential, but also a great fit for my background and career goals. I would highly recommend their recruiting services to anyone.”

Dustin Markanich



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  • A solid work history
  • College degree or equivalent experience
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Top notch computer skills
  • Flexibility in all areas
  • Realistic and positive outlook
  • Understanding the job market
  • A recruiter looking out for your best interest!

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For more information about current positions or to submit your resume contact us at resumes@refined-recruiting.com

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